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Our names are Susan and Paul and it’s our pleasure to welcome you to Loving Healthy Essential Oils, a natural approach to health and wellness. You can follow our Blog page where we post interesting and pertinent information for you and your family.

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Our intention for this web page is to empower you to take control of your health and happiness. In our opinion and the opinion of more than 6 million families is that dōTERRA essential oils and other wellness products are amazing. In fact they are rated #1 in the world! 

Susan started out with a bottle of Frankincense oil and immediately experienced it’s powerful healing benefits. There’s a good reason why it’s called the King of Oils! After researching the company and using Frankincense, she soon learned that this company is a perfect fit for us.

There are amazing business opportunities with dōTERRA if you are interested in adding to or replacing your income.

We hope that you will love the oils and products as much as we do. dōTERRA® is simply AMAZING and we cannot wait to share our passion with you! Follow us on Facebook at: The Essential Oil Nurse

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